Our little veggiepatch

I have been meaning to write this post a little earlier, but never got round to actually doing so. It is about our little city veggie patch. Something we as a small family are really happy with and proud of. My husband loves gardening, he is the one with the green fingers. Not me. I like helping out but I am not particularly gifted when it comes to growing plants and keeping them alive….

When we bought this house the garden was the bonus. Throughout the years Rob worked really hard to turn an old shabby looking garden into the veggie patch/ terrace and playground that it is today! Unfortunately we don’t have much time to actually work in the garden so the last two years Rob started out really enthusiastic, thinking about what veggies to grow. But actually caring for the plants and overall maintenance was something we just haven’t had the time for. Work, kids, life!

But still, we had the most delicious tomatoes, gorgeous lavender, broad beans, strawberries and a variety of herbs to harvest and eat. Home grown produce is just the best and the kids LOVE helping out. As a mum, I enjoy spending time in the garden with the kids so much! I feel like some kind of ‘earth mother’ when we ‘harvest’ for dinner and really imagine ourselves living in the countryside with the kids picking fruit from our garden in old-fashioned looking outfits, me overlooking our meadow and the hubs working in the land. Ha! Dreams….

img_6838 img_6839 img_6850 img_6866 img_7026 img_7030 img_7067 img_7070 img_6835 img_6836 img_6837 img_6843 img_6858 img_6865 img_7036

And now it is apple-picking time. Our appletree is doing so well this year and the green apple are delicious and perfect for making applepie! A blogpost about that is coming soon….!

Enjoy your Sunday!


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