Why couch time with a toddler is so great

Saturdays are for Juliette’s swimming-lesson. Usually we all go together. Rob (or me) will take Joshua to an animal farm and one of us then stays to watch Juliette defy the water. But yesterday I was so tired that I decided to stay at home with Joshua. And boy, we had a great time together…doing nothing! We had some proper couch time, just him and me. I am usually not that relaxed. One child less always means more cleaning-time for me….Which is ridiculous because I love spending time with my kids. But especially in busy weeks at work, I just feel uptight a lot and don’t allow myself to relax. Do you working moms experience that at all…?

couch time

So we really enjoyed ourselves on the sofa yesterday. While I sat there, Joshua used my leg as a human highway for his toycars. He had such fun! To him I was the perfect mom. I wasn’t allowed to move. All I was allowed to do was read a magazine and check my phone. Every now and again he smothered me with kisses, a really kiss-overload, loved it. I just felt so good, so relaxed and just so close to myself. We made silly selfies and Instagram stories and giggled.

This small hour of couch time with my toddler made me realize I should loosen up a bit more every now and again. If there is something kids REALLY love, it is hanging at home in their pj’s, no one telling them what to do and letting their imagination rule. And to be honest, I love that as well! Moments like that open up your mind and gives you the opportunity to let some stuff go that’s been bothering you. It also makes you realize that tidying the kitchen is not really necessary RIGHT NOW, that the laundry that’s been sitting in the washingmachine will be ok if it stays there an hour longer, that no one will notice the crumbs under the diningroomtable and the world won’t stop turning if that bill gets paid the next day. It makes you relax. It gives you a break. And it makes you smile inside. And you know what happens when you smile on the inside, don’t you? It makes you beautiful and radiant with happiness.

So my advice to you and myself: make some ‘couch time’ for you and your toddler every now and again!

x Jessica

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