Take-a-look Moodboard: Autumn on its way

Soooo either it’s me or it is the fact that we are in Holland, but it is actually pretty chilly outside! Maybe I feel it’s cold because I have just spend two weeks in sunny Italy, but I have been in an Autumn kind of mood since we’re back. Ridiculous right?!

Anyway, I don’t care and actually love Autumn. Don’t get me wrong, please let Summer stay for a while :-). I didn’t buy all these summer dresses for nothing! But I did make a tiny little Autumn-like moodboard today. People who know me will immediately sigh and think: Oh Jessica, please, this is SO you. Please enlighten us with something new! And all I have to say is: Sorry guys, but this is just me. You are right. I’m an English countrygirl born in the city. Or a citygirl turned English countrygirl. Whatever you like. I LOVE this style and will wear it with pride when the days get colder. The body cream I added because I just a) love this look and b) am crazy about Pomegranate in any beautyproduct.

The home is of textile designer Molly Mahon. I will post more about her home in a next post. Because it is basically my dreamhome. More about that in that next post! The picture is made by Brent Darby for Country Living UK (this home tour was published in the last edition).

BeFunky Collage 2

A little more information about the products from bottom left to top right:

The scarf is from Cos, the boots are Hunter boots , the gorgeous yellow cardigan is from Next, the Moneypenny purse is from Joules, the ring is from Orelia , the bodycream can be bought at Sissy Boy Homeland and the beautiful dress is from Joules .

x Jessica

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