Summer Resolutions

It is Sunday evening and tomorrow it is back to work for me. I always feel so sad when this moment arrives. It feels like my heart is actually aching. We had such an amazing time in Italy and this week with just me and the kids at home was so good. These three weeks were all about connecting again, seeing, feeling, loving and just have fun again.

The first few days after coming home, I was busy cleaning the house, taking care of the kids, entertaining them. But then around Wednesday, I started to feel really sad. It is over, I thought. Really over! No more Summer holiday, no more family qualitytime, no more jokes, everything back to normal again, back to a serious life. We had plenty of time to contemplate our life as it is. And like every Summer break, we try to see things differently, try to change our routine, be more relaxed about things, look for a new house, save some money, go out more on dates. This time is no different. It kind of is like a second New Years-Eve, thinking about new resolutions, second chances. And of course we all try to hold on to that holiday relaxedness, that feeling that eeeeeeeverything is going to be OK, that time stands still and we live in a cocoon. But then again I start to think: why the hell not? Why not approach life differently, why not make it a second chance. Being away from home does that to a person. You start to see things from a distance, as though you just sucked yourself out of the life you know, just to have a close look at it, see the details more clearly, look at it more objective. Isn’t that what breaks are all about? To distance yourself from any routine to come back feeling happy, relaxed and refreshed? I think so.

Summer resolutions

And so I definitely will change a few things around here and have made a list of Summer resolutions. The hubs has already started by the way. He is going to the gym next week (first time is many many years), he wants to cycle more on his race bicycle, he is eating more healthy and he is actually reading a book again!

As for me, I decided to go to the gym twice a week, no excuses. Going to the gym, taking classes, exercise, it just feels really good. So why not do it?? Also I want to be a better housekeeper to our house. Many friends of ours have a housekeeper. A luxury that almost doesn’t feel like one anymore. Sure, I’d love to have a housekeeper, but come on! I have a tiny house, I have time (well not so much, but I make time) and I actually enjoy cleaning things. So why have someone else do it when I can do a much better job :-). But really, trust me, I will look for a cleaning lady as soon as we have a bigger home. Trust me! Now is just not the time.

Datenights! I want datenights! It is really horrific the amount of datenights the hubs and I had this year….. It is just embarrassing. We need to upgrade, for sure!

Last but not least, keep on writing. Keep on reading and keep on publishing. I had the greatest news the other day that I together with 42 other writers, have won a writingcontest!! And that my short story will be published in a bundle of short stories, all with the theme ‘the gift’. This publication will be available from October at a few Dutch shops like, Bruna etc.!! I am so thrilled!!! And proud :-).

Back to this holiday, because it is not over yet (well actually, it will be over in just a few hours….)! We had the greatest time at home as well. I made a collage of our week. It’s hard work, 5 days at home with the kids, the hubs back to work….Reminded me of the days when I was still at home, no job and just (well obviously not ‘just’) taking care of the kids and our home. Monday was a quiet day, washed the dirty laundry and hung it out to dry in the garden on our brand new (improvised) washing line and did some grocery shopping. On Tuesday we visited the ‘Kinderboekenmuseum’ (Children’s book museum), read books in bed, build a tent in the livingroom and played Christmas inspired computergames (the cold Dutch Summer inspired us!) and I redecorated the house. On Wednesday we went to see a friend of mine and her kids, so we mummy’s drank some tea and had a nice chat and our kids had a relaxed playdate. On Thursday Juliette had a playdate with her best friend Mick, so Josh and I went shoe shopping, went to the recycle bins (Yeah for three years olds! They love everything as long as they are allowed to help!) and in the evening I went to a Pilates-class. I am still in pain…..On Friday we were all tired and just chilled in the morning. We baked scones and had them for lunch. We also went to the forest and playground and Juliette fell asleep at the sofa watching Escape to the Country with me (she enjoyed watching the first two homes, after that she dozed off 🙂 ). After dinner the hubs suggested to go to Ikea for some late night shopping: Bunk bed for the kids!!! The kids were so excited!! And so was I because now they FINALLY have some room to play in their tiny little shared bedroom! I wasn’t that excited at 2.00 AM when I was still restyling the room and the hubs was almost done assembling the bed……Everything for the kids though…..


IMG_7812 IMG_7814 IMG_7724

Saturday was a slow one and relaxed one. The hubs went on a ‘father-son-date’ so we had the afternoon to ourselves (again). My brother and his family came over for dinner. Although my brother made dinner, lucky me! I made dessert! Juliette was super excited because she was going home with them for a sleepover. Her first actual sleepover! She has done a few sleepovers at my parents but this was the first sleepover that wasn’t at my parents place. And she had a great time!! She did so well and I am just super proud and am also feeling so blessed with my family. And so today, Sunday, Rob, Josh and I had a quiet morning, we went to Clingendael (a beautiful park/ forest in The Hague) and strolled around for a few hours and had lunch there. Around dinnertime we went to my brother’s to pick up Juliette and have some dinner together. All in all, it was a great week and just a wonderful holiday.

Summer 2016 home

But now I am also keen to get back to work and back to the social world. Can’t live in this beautiful bubble for ever!! Let’s hope the next holiday will arrive just as quick as the last one waved goodbye! (writing this with a tear in my eye….)

x Jessica

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