Hello it’s me

Well hello again! I am back! Still tired, freckle-faced and covered in tiger mosquito bites (which I happen to be allergic to, awesome!):-). But absolutely reloaded, happy and we came back with a ton of great memories that will keep me smiling until at least December! Lake Garda, Italy, treated us well, very well. We had a BIG beautiful house (yes an actual house, I call it ‘the villa’), gorgeous weather, great food and just loads of fun. moi in SaloPictures and stories will slowly make their entrance here on Blog au Lait. But not today! This week I still have one week off with the kids, the hubs has gone back to the office already…booohoooo :-(. But for me it’s great to have all that time on my hands to unpack, give our house a little restyling and deep cleaning and spend some extra time with J&J. And also just to get that energy flowing again in all the right directions. Going away on a Summerbreak really opens up your brain. It kind of feels like some kind of magical juices are able to flow through the cracks again. Blockages start to disappear, creativity is taken to a higher level and I just feel more relaxed and open. We really needed this break, all of us. Spending time together, just the four of us, catching some sun. You can find some pictures on my Instagram-account already!

To slowly start blogging again and not to put any pressure on me to write huge blogposts (believe me, they will come!),  I would like to share this stunning home on the island of Panarea, Italy, just to stay in that Italian holiday vibe. Next holiday destination…?? I love the way the Italians decorate their holiday homes with old pieces, antiques they found somewhere, stacks of old books, a collection of seashells, beautiful bold but rustic color combinations.

panarea 9 panarea 8 panarea 7 panarea 6 panarea 5 panarea 4 panarea 3 panarea 2 panarea1

In my mind I am still in Italy….cooling my feet in the warm water of Lake Garda, staring across the lake at the distant mountains, the sun burning on my back, J&J giggling in the water ….




*Images by Adriano Bacchella.


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