My plea about learning the ABC

My darling girl is trying really hard to learn her alphabet. All day long she is asking me to read her stories, what certain words mean and she tries to write and read the words. This makes me very happy as I love reading and apparently she is ready to take school to the next level.

Normally I just go with the flow and leave it be. Let everything take its natural course. But a few weeks ago, this little children’s bookshop In de Wolken in our town of Voorburg (best bookshop for kids ever!) offered a workshop about learning to read at school and what kind of method schools in the Netherlands use. It was just one night but it was very very interesting! I’m glad I went to this workshop!

I won’t bore you with our Dutch learning system, just with what I picked up for Juliette to use when she wants to practice her alphabet. First of all: there is NO pressure. All kids have their own pace in life. There is no right and wrong. But a little stimulation won’t hurt if you keep it friendly ;-). For instance, it makes no sense, Sanne Ramakers of the Kleuteruniversiteit told us, to force kids to find a book in a bookshop if they don’t feel like it. Pressure is NO motivation. Also, they should look for their own books. Forcing them or stimulating them to pick that book you as a parent like, makes no sense either. They won’t read it. Reading should always be fun! And the kids are more likely to read when it’s a book they picked out.

Sanne had a selection of books for all the reading -levels (we work with an AVI-system). Juliette is obviously level 0 as she is just learning the alphabet. But Sanne gave a few hints how you could help your kids learning his or her ABC. I give you a few examples. These are the books I bought and why I bought them:

Boer Boris
Reading to kids is the first and best way to learn kids about the alphabet, words and reading. Books that have stories with sentences that rhyme are perfect, like this book!


Since I bought this poster, Juliette is constantly looking for words she recognizes. It really does work.

FullSizeRender ABC


boek van kip
This little book is perfect. This is how it works: You start with Kip and every page adds a new word that will appear on the next page of the story. Clever and perfect!


Also when you are on holiday you should not stop with learning the alphabet. Once the summerholiday is over (and in some countries this holiday lasts 8 weeks!) kids will probably have forgotten a few letters. So try to practice, even when on holiday. This book is perfect and fun, they can make words themselves. We are taking this book with us to Italy!

As you can see, I became very inspired! The last thing I added to our home to help Juliette learn her ABC is a Letterwall. We already had this chalkboardpainted wall. So now, every week we add three new letters that Juliette may choose. They also have this in school and really helps them think of words and the ABC. Plus it’s a lot of fun to do together.


So there you go! A few hints to make learning the ABC and writing/reading fun!


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