Yesss it is update-time! My laptop is almost dying and has almost reached boiling point so stay with me and I will make it quick!

About two days ago I messaged my friend Gwynne and told her: I think I will quite blogging. I don’t see the point anymore. Her answer: noooooooo. Don’t do it. 

And this made me think. Why is blogging always so difficult for me? Am I insecure? yes, probably. Am I trying to compete with other mommybloggers? Possibly. But I am blogging for me (and you) and I enjoy it way too much to give it up. There is so much I can write about. I am also thinking about vlogging and life of a working mom is way to good and interesting to not blog about it! So I gave Blog au Lait a little restyling-session on this Saturday-afternoon, decided to start blogging in English again and start enjoying it again! And so I am not giving up my blog!


Now I would like to introduce a few new items:

  • Wednesday – Kidsday: a recap of how we spend our Wednesdays
  • Five-ingredient recipes: On weekdays I need my recipes to be quick and easy, like most working mums. Preferably with a maximum of 5 ingredients. I like a challenge….
  • Vlogs…….This terrifies me!! And I am sorry but I will vlog in Dutch in the beginning. Once I feel comfortable I will try vlogging in English. This is so scary! But like I said: I like a challenge!

So there you go! We are up to date again!

Have a great weekend!





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