Blog Challenge: Day 17

30 feiten over jou/30 facts about you (well me actually)

Ok, here we go…in English, because I started a similar challenge a while ago on Instagram (in English..). I didn’t have a lot of time today, so I will continue with this one…if you don’t mind!

Fact 1) Both Spring and Autumn are my favorite seasons due to the color change;

Fact 2) I write stories. Lots of them, continuously in my mind and on paper. I want to be a writer;

Fact 3) Cooking relaxes me, it makes me feel like a real mama, gives me complete control and makes me feel good;

Fact 4) You can wake me up for potatoes anytime. I LOVE potatoes;

Fact 5) I love Jazz music. It is simply the best kind of music;

Fact 6) My father is a very well known Dutch jazzdrummer, hence Fact 5 🙂 ;

Fact 7) There isn’t a single soul in my family that is not creative, it is either music, art, acting or poetry;

Fact 8) I used to be bullied a bit at school and since that time, I feel very much left out, basically all the time and everywhere. But I have learned to be my own best friend and it is really okay now;

Fact 9) I hate mess. Everything should be neat and clean, when I was younger I had nervous tick and would constantly correct everything, everything had to be in place and straight;

Fact 10) I regret never to have studied English literature;

Fact 11) Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to live in Scotland. Still do and am still hoping….;

Fact 12) My kids and my hubs have changed me in the best possible way. Without them I would a grumpy unhappy and incomplete soul;

Fact 13) All things British appeal to me. I guess I was born in the wrong country;

Fact 14) I only have 4 good friends, my BFF’s. They are my North, East, South and West;

Fact 15) Christmas is the one thing I really look forward to from December 27th on. I am a Christmas-addict;

Fact 16) Nature calms me down. Whenever I feel stressed, a walk in the forest relaxes me

Fact 17) I used to hate Summer. Now I love Summer!

Fact 18) Blue is my favorite color;

Fact 19) I want to be a writer;

Fact 20) If I had a bag of money, I would buy a big house in France and make it a B&B.

Fact 21) Love school uniforms, wish they had them here in The Netherlands;

Fact 22) Love cars, love old-timers!

Fact 23) Sometimes I miss being a teenager, the days of exploring the world;

Fact 24) I actually really like Country-music;

Fact 25) When I was 15 years old I wanted to be a photographer. I actually went to the Art Academy in The Hague, but got kicked out after the first year because (and I quote:) ‘I was too young and needed to live’. I was 18 years old at the time….;

Fact 26) When I was a teenager I wanted to grow up between 1945-1950. Somehow I loved and still love the old days;

Fact 27) During World War II they thought my grandfather was a Jew because of his nose…. The story goes he had to hide in the woods of Rotterdam with his cello. This makes me so sad. Also because my ‘opa’ was really my best friend when he was still alive.

Fact 28) With opa I planted an apple-seed near the lake of Alphen aan den Rijn when I was 4 or 5. Unfortunately no apple-tree grew there. I am really happy that there is an actual apple tree in our back garden, it reminds me of my opa;

Fact 29) I hate driving a car;

Fact 30) My grandmother died three days after Joshua was born. Until this day I still mourn a little bit every day because I never got the chance to actually grieve. On the one side this makes me sad and on the other side it makes me thankful to be able to think of her every day.




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